Kickstart Your Style with These 5 Men’s Accessory Tips

a variety of stylish men's accessories

You may have your signature look down, but if you need to upgrade your style, here are five accessories you can use without needing a complete makeover of your wardrobe.

1) Watches. You can go with leather or metal, something flashy or understated, but a watch can be a major part of your distinctive style. You can mix and match with other pieces of arm jewelry, but this investment piece should be the foundation of the jewelry you wear. There are a variety of top brands to choose from, but if you want to save money, consider purchasing a certified pre-owned watch. If you have a leather watch, it should match the color of all the leather goods you’re wearing.

2) Rings. You may not have considered rings as a suitable accessory for men. You can use a ring from your father or grandfather (e.g., an old wedding band), or your college ring—a ring that has meaning for you. Or, you can use the ring as a coordinating accessory, something that can add a little bling to your suit or a little edge to your t-shirt and jeans. Even a signet pinky ring may be something to consider. Make sure that whatever ring or rings you choose, it balances with your watch and that you wear it on your opposite hand.

3) Cufflinks. These accessories are often seen as too stuffy or gaudy, but you’ll rarely miss the mark if you stick to high-end cufflinks made from silver and those without diamonds or flashy jewelry. You can find vintage ones at a resale shop, or you can get customized ones with your initials. Cufflinks can be grand or understated and come in a variety of textures and colors. Especially because dress shirts with cufflink holes (french cuff shirts) are becoming less common, you can make them a part of your unique style and looked refined all at once. Make sure they match a color you’re wearing in your outfit and balance with your watch.

4) Glasses and sunglasses. Eyewear for men offers a myriad of options. Half-rimmed lenses with wood detailing, metal aviators, or the classic wayfarers—no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find your particular style in a new pair of glasses or sunglasses. Make sure these glasses fit the shape of your face, and if you need a prescription pair of sunglasses, you should be able to find them in a store or online.

5) Bags. Another often overlooked men’s accessory, a bag can really tie your whole look together. Whether you need a briefcase for work, a messenger bag for your errands, or a bag that can protect your laptop or tablet, you can find one that will not only be functional but can look great, too. If you go with a leather bag, make sure that your bag matches your belt and shoes (e.g., all black or all brown).

Overall, whatever accessories you choose, you’ll want them to enhance your look, not detract from it. Have fun mixing and matching, but make sure coordinate your accessories with your unique style and the color scheme of your outfit.

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