Let’s run off to Neverland.

Hello guys! I normally try to write different kinds of posts related to fashion. I don’t really consider myself a fashion blogger because I look like sh*t in most of the “candid” pictures everyone seems to do so well in! I like to write about different trends, fashion topics or really anything that sparks an interest in me. I ran by the website Neverlandstore.com.au and decided to choose my favorite pieces and explain how I would wear them and where I would wear them too. I’m not sure most of my readers know but I am a law student and a dance teacher which gives me opportunity to wear different kinds of outfits and always keep myself entertained with the everlasting question, what should I wear next?


Available here

These babies sparked my attention since the moment I saw them. Two reasons: the drop crotch that doesn’t look ridiculous and obviously the sequins. I am a big fan of both but I am definitely more inclined to choose sequins over a drop crotch, so here we have both. These pants remind me of the leather joggers that came in style a while ago, which I loved but made my a** sweat in summer so I kind of dumped them. I would definitely love to wear these to a nice dinner on a weekend with a fitted white button down. I don’t usually wear navy but I do love how it looks with white. I think that the navy sequins would look amazing with a crisp white button down. I would also love to wear this with a blazer and concert tee and some ankle strap heels to give the “look at me i’m really cool with the kids and also have streetstyle” vibes. Anyway, that’s just me.


Available here

Well, I live in California so my winters are probably like your summers. I think I can get away with this gem for about another month. The thing that caught my eye about this dress is that it perfectly suits my tendency to bloat like a blimp. Bear with me, it’s a gorgeous striped dress that won’t make you look twice your size. Do I really need to say more? Yes I do. Styling this with accessories is a piece of cake and I am a dimwit at accessories.


Available here

On the weird days that we need a coat, this is the go to coat for me. I recently went through a phase that ALL I BOUGHT WAS BLACK. Yes, I have like 7 black coats I bought last year and I promised myself I was going to add a little bit more color to my coats. I have a forest green and a grey coat #improvement. I love a coat with lapels because it gives you the opportunity to show off your outfit a bit more and I love styling my coats with a fancy thin printed scarf that will never protect me against the cold. I have boobs so I think this coat is very flattering in that area for two reasons. First of all, whenever I wear a peacoat my boobs look like I am holding them hostage. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Get a bigger size”. Well no, then it’s too big in the waist area and i don’t like spending my free time at the tailor. The second reason this coat is flattering in the boob department is that it’s an open coat which gives you more of an opportunity to show them off a little.


Available here

This top is really a gem.  I love that it’s fitted around the waist with a little bit of give in the tummy area. I am very realistic and most of us like a little give in the tummy area, especially after a meal. First of all, the combination of colors gives it a modern elegant look which screams quality. I know you’ve all done this. You’ve seen outfits and figure out if they’re quality garments or fabric nightmares they got on sale at who knows which god forsaken place. This top is definitely one that I would consider a quality top that gives an air of flirtiness and sophistication of the woman who is wearing it. I would pair it with some tight black leather skinny pants and with a white button down under with rolled sleeves.


Available here

Because we all need to be Rihanna for one day.

Love and Stilettos,


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