man with a van

What You Need To Know About Your Man With A Van
A man with a van can often be a great way to save money on any kind of delivery. The problem is that you probably don’t use this kind of service all that much, and even if you do, there are things you might need to know about it that will help you get the most out of it. Check out delivery auction websites for a great way of finding thousands of cheap bids from reputable companies. What’s also great about this kind of website is that you get ratings from previous customers, not to mention the fact that it’s free.

Transit Man With A Van?
There are many different types of vans used by man and van companies. Probably the most common, is called a transit. Although this is a brand name used by Ford, almost every automotive company has its own variation on the vehicle. Generally, a transit type vehicle will be able to carry 1000kg safely. The internal volume will be something like 5.6 cubic metres, and is will be around 2.4×1.7×1.5m in the interior. They usually have three seats. There are a number of extra long, or ‘jumbo’ versions of the transit which can offer significantly greater load space.

Luton Man With A Van?
Luton vans are a category above transits in terms of size, and are perfect for when you need a man with a van for those larger jobs. Luton vans are around 4x2x2.2 metres, and have a maximum load size of around 1600-1800kg. What may make these even more useful is that the load space is entirely above the wheel arches. This makes the space inside easier to load and unload. Again, these usually come with three seats. Remember, these can be difficult to find space for, and are not so great with fuel consumption.

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