Phentermine is an effective drug which is used for weight loss of obese people.  The drug shows phenomenal benefits and thereby aids in weight reduction of a person. Although the drug proved to be best for weight loss, but it should be used only for short time period, as it leads to some serious health issues if used for long period of time.images

Benefits of usage Of Phentermine: 

The drug is approved by FDA for the treatment of obese people. Generally the drug is prescribed by the physicians for short time period that is only for up to 12 weeks. The drug acts on brain and stimulates the nervous system which there by increases energy levels and minimizes carvings and helps in weight loss. Phentermine is a powerful and effective medication which helps to lose weight quickly. It is closely rated to amphetamines. The dosage is prescribed based on the weight of individuals, that is moderate obese people are prescribed Phentermine 15mg tablets where as the dosage increases for severe obese people because weight management and body reactions is closely observed by the physician. The drug course should be used along with the proper diet and also guided physical activity.

Long Term Warnings Of usage of Phentermine: 

The usage of the drug is considered to be not a safe drug when used for a long period of time. There is no research done to prove the benefits of the usage of the drug for longer period of time. The drug is tested by individuals for shorter period of time only. There are adverse effects associated with the usage of the drug if it is used for longer period such as migrane, lack of sleep, heart problems, high blood pressure and also some serious issues such as eyesight problem as a result.  Phentermine has a limited period of efficacy and so long term usage results in dangerous side effects.  The FDA also warns the usage of drug to be limited up to few weeks only and also the drug should not be taken with any other weight loss drugs or supplements.  Phentermine should also not be used by the people who are already suffering with heart related problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid problems and who are abused of using drugs previously.

Phentermine Side Effects:

The drug should be used only when prescribed by the doctor and observation of doctor during the period of usage of the drug is very important.  Doctor will monitor the heart functioning, kidney function,  high blood pressure in lungs or any valve related problems in the heart. The usage of the drug should be immediately stopped when the side effects such as dry mouth, constipation, head ache, diarrhea, itching,  jaw pain, chest pain, arm pain, fast heartbeat, swelling in hands and legs, dizziness, shortness of breath, weakness, high blood pressure, inability to sleep, stomach upset, addiction to the drug  etc are observed. The persons should be immediately treated if any one of the small and serious health issues are experience by them.

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