Poppies and Ducklings … dresses with floral prints

I love nature
I love to spend hours basking on a lawn or in the cornfields ….
I love poppies

and I love floral prints ….
Love at first sight for the dress I wear, bought during the last edition of Vintagemania in Bassano del Grappa
Designed and created by hand by a young designer
Beatrice in Wonderland
to be able to browse through all his irresistible creations ….
How beautiful the dress with poppies?!?!
True diva 50s ….
The dress Antonella allure bon ton instead, which fits in perfectly with mine,
you can find it here

Floral prints, another trend of summer 2015
yes we say it is a trend that we carry with us for some years, but it is also true that you can not do otherwise ….
The flower season is this !!!!

and we want them everywhere ….


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