Preparing Your Skin for Spring 2016

You know how they say no winter lasts forever and no spring skips its turn? Well, winter of 2016 will soon be over, and it is about time to get ready for the arrival of the most amazing season – spring. The harsh winds and the cold weather of winter surely were not kind to your skin, and they probably left it cracked, dry and dull. The time has come for a change. Prepare your skin for a brand new season, which will, in return, make your complexion radiant. Here are some steps to take in order to be ready for a fresh start.

In with the New…

We are, of course, referring to exfoliation. You cannot have a fresh start with a bunch of dead skin cells on your face and body. Not only the very thought of them is awkward, but those dead cells are keeping all the important nutrients and fresh air from reaching the deeper skin layers. Decide for an exfoliating product depending on your skin type. You can also make your own scrub by mixing sugar with baking powder and body wash. If you feel like you need some ultimate spring-cleaning, you can decide for a mild chemical peel.

Nurture the New Skin Cells


Once you are done with the dead skin cells, you will have to take care of the ones left behind. That means sticking to a strict skincare routine, which includes cleansing (with a mild alcohol-free cleanser), choosing the right body wash and moisturizing. Moisturizing was an essential part of your winter routine, but you should not neglect it when spring comes. Use a quality moisturizer with SPF and apply it every time after face wash or a shower.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…


The years and the winter have probably made your skin appear older than it is. And though you cannot still Queen’s (Snow White’s stepmother) rejuvenation secret, you can undergo a facial rejuvenation in some reputable clinic in Sydney, or any other major city. There are many varieties of facial rejuvenation and they can range from surgical procedures to non-invasive treatments. Many of the non-invasive procedures are sufficient to restore your skin’s youthful appearance, repair damages and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Welcome the Sun


Exposure to sun can actually be very useful for your skin. Sunlight triggers the production of vitamin D in your body and thus provokes the immune cells to travel to the outer layers of skin and protect it from potential damage, according to WebMD. Still, that exposure should be moderate and safe. Wear an SPF with a minimum of 30 throughout the winter, and continue on wearing it when the spring arrives.

Expect the Unexpected

Though spring will, unlike the winter, treat your skin nice and gentle, you should also keep in mind that a change that big will have some impact on your skin. Breakouts, for instance, can be a part of every seasonal-transition process. If you have sensitive skin, it is possible that you will experience some other skin “freak out” during this transitional period.

It is no wonder that big house cleanings happen on spring – it is the season of clean starts. So, you should also spring-clean your skin and welcome this season with a smile on your face.

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