Reliance Jio innovating for India’s growing 4G LTE market: Qualcomm



As the Indian market embraces the 4G Long Term-Evolution (LTE) technology ecosystem in a big way, global chip giant Qualcomm finds it natural to innovate for the growing 4G market in the country, a senior company executive has said. According to Counterpoint Research’s “Market Monitor” service, the LTE-installed base of mobile handsets crossed 150 million units in India — behind only China and the United States — and is estimated to surpass the US in the next one year. Leading the 4G data race is Reliance Jio that has garnered 125 million customers across the country. Since its launch 10 months back, Jio has added seven customers per second on an average.

“The Indian market is rapidly transitioning into a 4G LTE market which marks an excellent opportunity for us,” Larry Paulson, Vice President and President of Qualcomm India, told IANS. “Our roadmap at this point entirely consists of 4G LTE. We already carry a rich legacy in 2G and 3G technology in India,” Paulson added.

In March, the company announced Snapdragon 205 mobile platform that is targeted at 4G feature phones. “Though there has not been any public announcement about 4G feature phones with Qualcomm yes, we are moving ahead quite well with that technology,” Paulson noted.

Reliance Jio has launched a “free” JioPhone that is powered by Qualcomm’s 205 mobile platforms. Qualcomm believes the users in India give importance to value and that is why the company is focused on the value proposition.



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