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I currently started a comparison website and a lot of the retailers either don’t know about or understand what affiliate programs are. My website is based on commission per referral and because some companies have affiliate programs and some don’t, I am seeing it as a bit unfair that I am referring companies products for free whilst others pay. I don’t understand why retailers would have an issue with being listed on a site which doesn’t charge them money, but only takes a small commission on each sale. At the very least, they are getting free advertising from my site.

In saying that, I am not a salesman, so I am after some advice on how I could best approach the retailers who don’t use commission based per referral programs and what I could do to try and get them to either join one, or set me up with something? Should I wait till my website starts to receive traffic before approaching the retailers (I haven’t launched it yet), or should I start to visit or call them now and ask about it? I have been holding off launching my site due to the lack of retailers willing to pay me a commission per referral, mainly due to the unfairness of some companies paying whilst others don’t.

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