Rock the Dark Lipstick Trend like a Pro

Before you start planning your look for next year, be aware of one thing – dark lipstick is back in town. This murky trend is making a huge comeback and is more hip than ever. And no, it is not only for teenage girls anymore. Dark lipstick has an ability to give you a spark of glamour and sensibility, but also tends to create a mysterious vibe as well. Wearing dark lipstick just gives you a dash of self confidence and enables you to keep that composed and dignified look characteristic for a true lady. So if you need some help choosing the right look, these couple of advice will surely point you to the right direction:

What Products to Choose?

The first thing you need to think about when choosing the appropriate dark lipstick is, of course, the quality of the product. Without a doubt, we should always strive to pick the top-notch quality, especially when it comes to makeup, as it could greatly impact our health, skin condition etc. This is why it is better to choose some organic makeup products in UK, as they are more reliable. These products contain natural ingredients that nourish your lips, so you will not have to worry about cracked lips anymore, which are actually quite visible in darker shades.

Know What Suits You

Everyone can rock the dark lipstick trend; you just need to know which shades suits you. This depends on a lot of factors, like skin tone, eye and hair colour etc. It happens quite often that we see our favourite celebrity rocking one of these shades and looking magnificent, so naturally we wish to copy that look. Sometimes this is not possible. Girls with lighter complexion certainly have a wider choice of lipstick and it kind of gives them that bold and edgy look. On the other hand, darker girls should pay attention on berry shades as they tend to create a more gentle approach.

Makeup Looks

The good thing about dark lipstick is that it somehow represents a complete makeup look all by itself, meaning that if you choose to rock this dark lips trend, you really do not have to overdo it with other makeup. The motto here is definitely less is more. Rely on a suitable foundation that will make your face look spotless, apply a bit of mascara and eye shadow and you are done. There is no need to go too extravagant with eyes, as you want to draw attention to your remarkable lips. Another piece of advice to keep in mind is that dark lips always look better matte, so do not apply to much gloss and sparkle to them.

Fashion Looks

If you think that dark lipstick is only suitable for the red carpet, you are greatly mistaken. This misty trend can be combined in almost every fashion combination you think of, if combined correctly of course. Casual black combinations with dark red lipstick are always a complete hit. For a more glamorous approach, dark brown, maroon and blue are there to give you that sensational vibe. Certain shades of dark lipstick like black and cherry are also a great look for the office as well. Dark lipstick is not makeup, it is a fashion statement on its own.

From the diva on the red carpet, through a serious business woman, up to the girl next door. You can rock any of these looks just by choosing the suitable shade for yourself. Dark lipstick is a great choice for any occasion; just make sure to wear it proudly.

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