Spring 2017 Fashion Must-Haves

Yes, we know, it’s still a bit chilly outside, but don’t let the fear of getting out of that nerdy Ronald Wesley Christmas sweater stop you from planning several statement outfits for the spring season that’s ahead of us. Take a peek at our fashion preview to find out what’s in and what’s out, and to stumble upon a couple of trends you will gladly incorporate into your style.

fashion spring

All about the Stripes

For several season now, we cannot get rid of stripped shirts, stripped skirts, striped dresses, stripped… well, everything. And why would we, when they make us look so chic! Whether you are looking to elongate your figure and make your body slimmer, or you simply want to play with shapes, stripes will be your buddy in crime.

Oh, and for the successful womanpreneurs who are looking for a bold, yet classic outfit, banker stripes inspired by Wall Street power suits are a definite must!

Slits and Cuts

This spring, we will no longer be so reserved, and will finally show off some skin. Designers are obsessed with shoulders, what manifested itself in strategically placed cutouts. Asymmetrical figures are in again, and everybody will be rocking the single shoulder cutout this season.

Also, it’s high time we embraced the 80s again, with a flashdance shoulder. Although it does somehow seem like you’ve left the shirt in a dryer just a bit longer than you should have, the casual vibe of this outfit is precisely what turned it into an everyday-wear.

However, it won’t really all be about the shoulders, as designers finally came up with the solution to wearing long sleeves in spring – by piercing them down to the middle, they managed to create an elegant, bell-shaped silhouette the entire fashion world has gone crazy for.


The Age of Innocence

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? Oh wait, it’s actually both! Unexpected hemlines and interesting waistlines are the secret ingredients in the recipe for a perfect little white dress. These both chic and tomboyish outfits were the stars of spring 2017 preview shows – and if they managed to dazzle the audience under the runway lights, imagine what kind of impression you will leave on a bright sunny April day. But to elevate the overall look, ensure that you get a pair of quality sunglasses online, preferably oval with a thick white frame and contrasting dark lenses!

Kim K Style

Many of us hate to admit it, but the Kardashian style is, and will be dominating for seasons to come. But if it wasn’t for them, we would not have the attractive waist-cinchers adding and oomph to simple outfits. The fact is, boring waistlines have been banished from the fashion world, and we are now all aiming for a more dramatic look. With this in mind, designers introduced us with a number of sharp fold-over options. Forget about the belts this spring, as they will only get in a way of this unique design.

fold over

Trench Coat

Some classics will never go out of style, but are only tailored to go with current trends. In 2017, trench coats will be made of slouch fabrics, they will come with big buckles, and will reach ankle-length. The extended silhouette will make your legs go for miles.

Slept in, Again?

No worries, as robes are no longer a taboo. So whenever a day feels like Monday, and you don’t really feel like dressing up, toss on a fancy robe and you’re good to go (further than the front lawn to pick up the newspaper, trust us).

Anything sparked your imagination and inspired you to spruce up some of your last year’s pieces?

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