Starting from Beyonce Until Julia Roberts, Madame Tussauds Back Rated Failed to Make a Candle Statue!

If music is considered a general language , as well as with a work of art. Art with interesting innovations can be enjoyed by anyone who saw it, one of which is a wax statue. Who does not know Madame Tussauds? Yup, a museum wax statue located in London, England with several branches in other countries is already very well known by the citizens of the world. The museum was first established by wax sculptors, Marie Tussaud has already produced a lot of works of wax sculpture ranks of celebrities and famous people in the world.

But unfortunately, there are some wax statues that are considered not similar to the original figure by netizens . It is also not uncommon to be the subject of criticism and scorn that is often directed to the owner of the object of the statue is made. Lots of people who deplore some statues that are considered failed because it is very different from the original and even look scary and more similar to others. Why, how can ya like that? Who is the world’s celebrity candle statue that is considered a failure?

Beyonce, her wax statue is considered more like Mariah Carey than she is. Wow , could be misguided!


Image Source: Hd Wallpapers Dpi

The diva of the world who just gave birth to twins is back into the spotlight of citizens. This time not because of his song or his personal life with Jay Z, but precisely because of his wax statue that he just exhibited at Madame Tussauds New York.

Instead of being similar to him, netizens even think the statue is more like the figure of Mariah Carey. As we know, Beyonce herself is an African-American singer who has darker and exotic skin tones. But the wax sculpture actually shows someone who is white from the Caucasian race. Not only the color of the skin, the wax statue also has a pure blonde hair color unlike the original. Above that, many people judge if the party Madame Tussauds too racist and very regret their idol statue is not similar to the original. Parties Madame Tussauds also defend themselves by blaming the lights lighting is too bright. Wuah, if you think what guys?

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