Fave Vanity Fair After Party Dresses

So, the Oscars were all the rage apparently. Personally, I'd rather attend the star studded Vanity Fair After Party every A- list celebrity seems to attend. The Vanity Fair event has been going on for years as the cherry on top of a fantastic night. … [Read more...]

Kim Kardashian and her Latex Pregnancy Style

So, as always Kim kardashian is making headlines left and right with her second pregnancy and her pregnancy style. Kim was criticized heavily in her first pregnancy due to the clothes she was wearing. I am a big fan of not giving a shit what people … [Read more...]

Long Skirts

I think it is very important for us to remind you again that the main reason of this blog is to prove young ladies or every lady around the world that no matter what your economic situation, you can always look flawless. That said again this time I … [Read more...]

Ripped Denim

I am obsessed with ripped denim, it is trending a lot in the fashion industry, you can use it as a casual outfit, rock it for a night out or as street style like the one I am showing next. I used the outfit that Olivia Palermo is wearing as an … [Read more...]

Haute 2 Wear at the Met Gala

So, it's the time of the year again I start asking myself what I'm doing with my life and why i'm not one of the chosen ones.... The Met Gala. Every year we stand by our computers/phones/suicide hotlines while we drool over all the fabulous dresses, … [Read more...]