Featured Fashionista: Anne

Hello Fashionistas, It's Gabriella speaking! I hope everyone is having a fabulous sunday and I can't wait to see some weekend outfits (wink). It's time to present to you our new Featured Fashionista! Anne registered a couple of months ago and almost … [Read more...]

Featured Fashionista: Hazel Kim

Hello Fashion's Hautest! That time of the month again has arrived, our new Featured Fashionista. This daring woman behind the Skimple Life knows how to dress well but is giving us a look into her life abroad. As a woman that struggles with body … [Read more...]

Featured Fashionista: Faith

Hello Everybody! It's that time of the month again, It's time for our new Featured Fashionista. This month's featured fashionista is Faith from the Philippines. Faith has demonstrated versatility at the tender age of 18. Not many people have the … [Read more...]

Featured Fashionista: Epp

Hello Everyone! As of today I will feature one of my very esteemed users each month. The feature will include an interview, outfit pics and links to your social media networks. The purpose of this is to have everyone who visits the website not … [Read more...]