Featured Fashionista: Givana Prieto

Hello everyone, I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to change the Featured Fashionista in a while but the wait has been worth it. This time around our Featured Fashionista is a lovely designer I know personally from Tijuana, Mexico. I met Givana in … [Read more...]

Fashion trends that marked 2013

As all fashionistas know when winter arrives it's time to take a look at what were the fashion trends that marked that year, as this time of year is reserved for reviews of fashion weeks, where international designers showcased their collection by … [Read more...]

Lazy Friday

There are some days I feel so lazy, that my only priority when choosing what to wear is comfort. This morning I just threw on a maxi sweater and a new wonderful pair of leggings by Emilio Cavallini, the master of hosiery. And it's these leggings that … [Read more...]