Dressing Down in Madrid

Hello, it's been a long time since I've written something. I recently took a trip overseas to Madrid to help my mother out with her book. When I was studying abroad I spent all the time I could in Madrid. I fell in love with the city. There is … [Read more...]


I like to take one color and wear it head to toe or in this case head to ankle. By layering the different shades of white in different textures it gives the outfit some depth. The dropped stitches on the sides of this sweater really intrigued me. I … [Read more...]

Spring is coming

  ... So not coming. Today I just realized, there must be 2 reasons: a) you are absolutely insane or b) you absolutely insanely love what you do in order to take pictures on a day like today: though the sun was shining so beautifully, it was … [Read more...]