Cuddles and Lies ……

I'd always barefoot, but when I put socks, socks, socks .... then I want them or simple or very special .... how about these two proposed today?!?!? a sock in gray lurex with stars .... very glam and sophisticated as to glimpse with a sandal … [Read more...]

Black and Blue

For a long time I have been thinking that blue and black were impossible to match. Either one or the other, in a sort of fashion trade- off. But here they are, different but perfectly compatible. My maxi baroque sweater fits perfectly with my … [Read more...]

Street Wear Cred!

  Who says this Givenchy top couldn't rock on with the Street Wear Cred along with this Supreme Five Panel Snapback? More about this look on MISS EVERYTHING AND NOTHING! … [Read more...]

Lazy Friday

There are some days I feel so lazy, that my only priority when choosing what to wear is comfort. This morning I just threw on a maxi sweater and a new wonderful pair of leggings by Emilio Cavallini, the master of hosiery. And it's these leggings that … [Read more...]

Indian Girl

Hello, sweeties! Rainy day here in Brussels and the fact that the poncho I wore today had a hoodie really helped me as the rain was light and I was able to protect my head. I really do like reviewing clothing designs, but when they come with … [Read more...]

Acid Trip 2.0

Yes, this is a bathroom selfie. I promise to dedicate more of my time to taking pictures that are descent. School began and i have morning and night school so the day pretty much goes by in a blur. I love being comfortable in school, when picking … [Read more...]

Rocker Chic

  What I wore: Leggings by: Romwe Moto Vest: Bcbg Blouse: H&M … [Read more...]

Metallic and Neon

    I love mixing trends, it makes your outfit that one shiny needle in a trendy haystack. When mixing two trends I try to find the symmetry between both pieces and answer why they mix well together, because it's not always an easy … [Read more...]

Haute2Wear: Gym Edition

When going to the gym i come across very different gym styles: - the sports bra and short shorts girl - the i'm matching everything girls - the baggy sweatpants girls - the spandex wearing girls - the jocks I don't fit into any of the … [Read more...]