Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day Shoes

VALENTINE’S DAY SHOES! Most of us, if not all of us are planning out the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit. Whether you are a single girl, in a committed relationship or wondering which Tinder is going to take you out, Valentine’s can be a great … [Read more...]

Sport Girl

  Jacket: Zara Heels: ASOS Dress: Vintage Sunglasses: Nasty Gal Gold Chain: Lavof … [Read more...]

The Carrie necklace effect

Hello, loves! I don't know about you, but I'm totally excited this period of the year, when all the attention is drawn to the shops, being the SALES month. Sometimes I think that the movie "Sex and the City" had a massive effect on women's minds, … [Read more...]

Pure Happiness

Hello, my loves! Yesterday I took a day of to just relax... I spent most of my day at home watching movies and planning my trips. I did, though, go out a little as I couldn't resist missing a non-rain day (they are very rare here in … [Read more...]

Velvet Dreams

So, on Friday night I went to a chill party. I didn't want to go over the top but I was still feeling a little bit feisty when I went to my closet, I felt like standing out and there's nothing like a velvet body con dress to do the trick. The weather … [Read more...]

Happy Veterans Day from Nasty Gal

  Happy Amazing Shopping Day Too! … [Read more...]


Hi, guys! Well, another day has passed and I'm so happy that the beautiful weather is still here and the sun is up and shining. It makes the whole concept of grumpy rainy autumn more bearable.  Today I did a little cliché with my … [Read more...]

Nasty (school)Gal

So, if you haven't noticed, I am a BIG fan of Nasty Gal. My parents and my bank statement are way to familiar with my Nasty Gal  shopping sprees, and now you are too. I love the fact that it's not really expensive and it's still pretty original. If … [Read more...]

Red Red Wine

So, I know I've been AWOL this week and maybe some of last but I have a good excuse... i'm in finals. This is a terrible, stressing, acne inducing week that has my face splotchy. I wanted to look nice to school today so I chose to use the necklace my … [Read more...]


Hello everyone! I've been MIA on the website since i encountered an unknown skin problem but this past Friday I attended a welcoming party to the new law students in my school. I'm on my third year and i've been to all the welcome to law school … [Read more...]