How to Elevate Your Everyday Outfits

Women with a refined taste and well-developed fashion sense don’t need piles of clothes to look good (although there’s nothing wrong with having a full wardrobe). Instead, they can do wonders with what they already have, always reinventing their … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Handle Winter Outfits with Style

Freezing winter is really kicking in, and while some are devastated, wanting summer to come as soon as possible, others couldn’t be happier to finally be able to put their wardrobe to good use. For fashionistas, winter is the perfect time to show off … [Read more...]

A Holiday Inspired Style Guide

Holidays are traditionally perceived as leisure time, but when the invites for the various events start piling up, choosing the appropriate outfits might get quite exhausting. Regardless of your traditions at Christmas time, everyone likes looking … [Read more...]

Ways to style your swimwear

Everything is fashion these days and so is your swimwear; while it’s true designers have topped themselves in swimwear design in the past few years, we still need a few statement pieces to upgrade our swimwear look and turn us into beach goddesses … [Read more...]

Embrace your curvy bodies: style guide

I’ve recently seen a YouTube video of a girl testing out different skincare products to try and eliminate the annoying chub rub (rash induced by thigh friction). This lovely girl was completely in love with her chunky, beautiful thighs that she … [Read more...]

Creations of the Brazilian fashion designer Lu Xavier at the Film Festival of Taormina

A front row seat during the screenings of the Taormina Film Fest ... and then he had to think of a dress gala ... Along ... elegant ... do not go unnoticed ... Antonella and I … [Read more...]

#dattidellearie …. Starring: Briccola in Montecarlo

Good morning, today I want to tell you about Briccola !!! Briccola not a simple bracelet, an accessory or a design .... Briccola is a way of living space and time away from the constraints. For this reason every Briccola born with the name of a … [Read more...]

Paparazzi ….. a Cannes …

Ah but really there was also the film festival of Cannes?! ??!? and if I knew I would have to move .... AHAHAHAHHAHA Ok I did not drink ... it was just to laugh a little .... A sunny day and warm .... a bit of sea breeze .... a walk on the … [Read more...]

Mangano & Cherries

If you like the fruit ... Dress her whole !!! Cherries ... the reason for the release of the leaders Mangano that we present today ... A classic sheath dress durable cotton that enhances curves and femininity, or a must-have of the season midi … [Read more...]

Shooting in Saint Tropez with Las Noches Ibiza minidress and Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

Good morning ..... The reason you do not know .... But as a child I dreamed of one day going to Saint - Tropez .... yes, and to dance the Twist .... Saint - Tropez ... Mom probably heard a lot Peppino di Capri :)))) and so two weeks ago ... I … [Read more...]