Dressing Down in Madrid

Hello, it's been a long time since I've written something. I recently took a trip overseas to Madrid to help my mother out with her book. When I was studying abroad I spent all the time I could in Madrid. I fell in love with the city. There is … [Read more...]

London Calling

Now that I am back from England and my travels through the Alsace, I find I am realizing just how much I miss my extended family. It had been almost 14 years since I had last seen many of them and it saddens me as to how much I have missed out on … [Read more...]

Vintage vs Modern

Vintage vs modern…which one would you choose? I love to mix vintage jewelry with modern suiting pieces. Combining the masculine sharp lines of the suit with the delicate feminine curves of the jewelry creates an interesting contrast. I have collected … [Read more...]

Denim trends A/W 2013-2014

This season denim is not restricted only for casual and daywear. Colors, patterns and dots by fashion houses such as Diesel and Jane Norman aim to please a broad audience. Check out what's hot this season and how to combine these to make your own … [Read more...]


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Purple Reigns

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