How to Elevate Your Everyday Outfits

Women with a refined taste and well-developed fashion sense don’t need piles of clothes to look good (although there’s nothing wrong with having a full wardrobe). Instead, they can do wonders with what they already have, always reinventing their … [Read more...]

Must Have Accessories for The Christmas Office Party

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A Holiday Inspired Style Guide

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Embrace your curvy bodies: style guide

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Boho Style with a Modern Update

  During the last couple of years boho style has been a massive hit in fashion industry. Remaining among the top trends for the summer of 2016. The boho spirit is all about creating effortless feminine free creative and earthy outfits. … [Read more...]

How I Went From a Freelancer to a Business Woman

Changes. The word itself gives me the chills. I, for once, was terrified to get out of my comfort zone. Switching from a laid back position to my first serious job was quite a stepping stone in my life. A change as big as this one made me think that … [Read more...]


  It's my first time to make a digital flatlay. And, it's kind of like a fun thing to do because you get to explore the things you wanted to pull up when it comes to daily outfits that you will wear on a certain occasion. I believe that's it's … [Read more...]

What Shoes To Pair With Your Boyfriend Jeans

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The Swimsuit Style Guide

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My taste on 2015’s shoe trends

Trends are piling up right now as we are in the midst of several fashion weeks all over the world. Well, I really hope that everyone doesn't forget this, even though we are now embracing our individuality that much in this oh-so-modern world. As a … [Read more...]