Ways to style your swimwear

Everything is fashion these days and so is your swimwear; while it’s true designers have topped themselves in swimwear design in the past few years, we still need a few statement pieces to upgrade our swimwear look and turn us into beach goddesses … [Read more...]

#dattidellearie …. Starring: Briccola in Montecarlo

Good morning, today I want to tell you about Briccola !!! Briccola not a simple bracelet, an accessory or a design .... Briccola is a way of living space and time away from the constraints. For this reason every Briccola born with the name of a … [Read more...]

New collection Blue Glue Bikinis summer 2015 – Unconventional Secrets

The sea , the one and only! Given the good fortune to have a house in Catania, my beloved land, I can easily spend the entire summer to the sea ... During Summer i  could live only wearing Bikini and shorts ... I always  search for  something … [Read more...]

Crazy train

34-HOUR DAYS ....  .... would be a dream, wouldn't it?! You would have plenty of time for sleeping your beauty sleep, working out, relaxing with your loved ones, running around from one place to another and completing those 50 tasks that are written … [Read more...]

Four Amazing Dress Styles for a Night Out This Summer

Summertime is finally here. For many women, this means we feel more relaxed and stay out longer. This is the time to discard our heavy winter clothing for summer clothing that is light and fresh. Because of this, dresses are the mainstays for a night … [Read more...]

Summery in lace

    This weekend could easily be one of the best in a while!  * It is my first free weekend in a VERY long time! * It was Friday, 13th yesterday and I didn't get even a scratch (that must be something to be proud of!) * It was super … [Read more...]

Summer is Finally Here

I found this gorgeous dress on Nasty Gal a while back and totally fell in love when I put it on. If there's something i love about my clothes is that they make me feel sexy and pretty, this dress does the trick. Not only does it highlight your waist, … [Read more...]