The best keep fit gear to get you through the fall months

It can be hard to stay motivated and keep active once the weather turns colder. No one wants to start getting ready for a run, then realize after searching through their wardrobe that they’re not prepared for the chilly winds and sub-zero temperatures. Here, we’ve gone through the best outfit choices for tackling the fall months, no matter how you enjoy keeping fit. Image

For outdoor sports, light layers are the best option for you. A thin fleece jacket is perfect for layering over workout tops, as it helps to keep your body heated against those brisk, fall breezes. Heading out in the rain? Throw a light windbreaker over the top, it will protect you from the weather, dry quickly and won’t weigh you down.

If you enjoy keeping active by walking, thermal pullovers and outdoor athletic pants would be better suited to you. Add an insulated vest over the top, and you’ll certainly stay warm during your walks.

Accessories such as microfiber headbands and snoods will also help you through the fall weather, without overheating you or adding any extra bulk. Snoods and scarves can also be used to wrap around your mouth to help with any labored breathing from the chilly air. Don’t forget about those fingers or toes – add long socks under workout pants for an easy layer, and silicone grip gloves make sure you can keep hold of your water bottle while you’re on the go.

If you prefer to work out at the gym or the yoga studio, swap out your bright summer workout shorts for longer pants in deeper shades like purple or teal. If you’re feeling bold, go for a vibrant print, such as camouflage, Aztec or even lightning bolts. Go for a form-fitting, long sleeved base layer, and top this with a thermal vest or hooded sweatshirt for an effortless, but on-trend gym look.

It’s always important to make sure you’re working out safely, but even more so during the colder months when it is that much easier to injure yourself. Compression pants can simultaneously support the leg muscles to help prevent injury, and provide compression to help relieve any ongoing aches and pains. An added benefit worth mentioning is that compression pants will help to protect you from small scratches or cuts to your legs while out on the trail. All this, and they’re still stylish, sleek and comfortable.

These new additions to your workout wardrobe will definitely keep you warm during those fall months, and in turn, keep you inspired and motivated to keep active. Remember, light layers are great for outdoor sports and activities; they will keep the heat in but still allow for movement. Don’t be afraid to embrace fall fashion trends within your workout gear, whether it’s a burgundy base layer or bold patterned leggings. Most importantly, make sure you’re keeping yourself safe during your workouts, and preventing any injuries as much as you possibly can.

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