The Most Stylist And Trendy Short Hairstyles Of This Year

Hairstyle plays a major factor in your appearance. It is for this reason that you would find most of the women obsessed with the maintenance of their hairstyles. Just like any other trend, hairstyles also undergo a lot of changes. We get to see some hairstyles attaining a lot of attention every year and that determines the trend of the year. Like any other year, this year too has got a lot of styles to brag about. The best part about the newest trends is that it is focused a lot more on the shorter hairstyles than the longer ones. Short Hairstyle For Older Women is most appreciated as mature women tend to look years younger with shorter hair. Here are a few hairstyles that have been making the headlines this year-


  • Pixie cut- the pixie cut is meant for the women who want no maintenance and want to keep their hair super short. Women with oval and round faces look good in a pixie. Provided your face is not too long you can easily opt for a pixie. There are two types of pixie. If you want a regular pixie cut then just blow dry your hair and you will be left with natural look. If you want some spikes then go ahead and apply a little hair styling gel to achieve the super hot look. Some women also prefer to highlight their spikes.
  • The classic bob- this is something that has never gone out of fashion. The classic bob with the blunt cut is very vintage as well as very classy. This fashion is something that is very casual as well as professional. If you want a more dramatic look you can blow out your hair for a bloated bob look. Depending on your preference you can keep the bob at chin length or at shoulder length. However if you are opting for short hairstyle for older women it is better to opt for the chin length bob as too long hairstyle tend to make a mature woman look older.
  • Shaggy short layered bangs- having bangs is a great option for framing round faces. It is the perfect short hairstyle for order women if you want to hide the fat in your chubby cheeks. On top of that the shaggy hairstyle adds a lot of pizzazz and glamour to your look. Shaggy haircut looks very casual and peppy and is apt for you if you want a fun hairstyle that can frame your face structure.

Razor cut hairstyle- if you have an oblong face then a razor cut is perfect for you. It is filled with bangs. The bangs can be also made asymmetrical if you love going for unique hairstyles. Asymmetrical hairstyles are the favourite of hollywood nowadays. The best part about razor hairstyle is that it works fine if you want to keep a shoulder length hair instead of a very short hairstyle. It is also a very versatile hairstyle.

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