The Rise of the Low Back Swimsuit

Low back swimsuits are an ever popular, and increasingly more popular each season, type of swimwear. They are dramatic, feminine and even practical, something that fashionable motifs and beautiful fitting garments cannot often boast.

These are some quite amazing claims about a simple element of a swimsuit, but they are pretty spot on.  Check out some of the latest styles in low back swimsuits here, from leading brands at UK Swimwear.AAEAAQAAAAAAAANKAAAAJDJlZGZhMWMyLTYxNTMtNGQyMy05MmVmLTA3OGVmNDhkNjAwNQ

The dramatic and feminine part is the most obvious one. When you see yourself in a mirror after slipping on allow back swimsuit, you’ll see why. It has such a striking and lithe look to it, and the way it contours around your figure makes you feel like a big cat or something equally beautiful and powerful. Such a small change to your garment, but it truly does give you more confidence.

The second great thing about low back swimsuits is the practicality. Surely not! Well, there is a lot more here than you might first think. One of the main complaints of women who are buying swimwear is that they do not have the ability to get a great tan. Many swimsuits have ornate and complicated backs that leave tan lines in the most unexpected places, and it is difficult to get the tan you really want.

The most obvious remedy is as little garment as possible, but a lot of women think of a bikini in this case. That is true, the bikini is the better option, but some women would never dream of wearing a bikini and this means that the swimsuit is the only option. This leaves them with one choice, the low back swimsuit. It takes less adjustment and lets you forget largely about getting those tricky bits that you have to make sure are taken care of.

But what about the drawbacks? Well, there are fewer than you might think. A lot of women are worried about support and slippages, with less fabric covering the shoulders and less to grip the upper back. Well most designers know that women want to wear this kind of swimwear more and more, so more recent seasons have seen some much more ergonomic versions of the low back swimsuit be released. They are shaped to leave you back free but also to move with you as you walk, sit, stand and swim. The result is just as dramatic and beautiful, but so very easy to wear too. It’s like wearing nothing at all, and you’ll soon forget that you have on something as dynamically shaped and cut as a low back swimsuit.

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