Top 5 Tips on How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans

For most women, a perfectly fitting outfit is important for everyday look. For instance, combination of nice jeans and ankle boots can create best outfit because it is perfect pull-on-and-go outfits, which will never disappoint anyone, and you can create different looks from this outfit for different occasions. For more information here are some great tips how you can wear your ankle boots and jeans:

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  1. A Monochromatic Look

A monochromatic look is actually the one great way in which you can wear high-heeled ankle boots together with your jeans. Always consider the color of your denim when you choose the color of your boots to get amazing monochromatic look. For the best outfit, try gray jeans with gray boots, or brown with brown. This is one easiest way to make your legs appear longer and leaner.

  1. Rip the Hem of Your Skinny Jeans

Ripping the hem of your jeans with ankle booties can also bring out amazing look as they allow the bit of your ankle to show through. It is also the best way to highlight that part around your ankle. You can also choose to rip your hem by simply cutting your jeans with perfect length to show your boots perfectly. Rolled hem look works best with tights or skinny jeans. Wider-legged or straight-legged jeans shorten your leg-line when rolled.

  1. Fold the Hem of Your Jeans Inward

Similar to ripping your hem, folding it inwards can also do your work. This is important if you’re skinny jean is too long. In this case, fold the hem of your jean inward and perfectly tuck them in to make the fold invisible. Instead of cuffed look, this one works best on tight/skinny cuts and usually looks like you have your skinny jeans tailored with very perfect length. Always fold and iron the cuff before put on your jeans to make sure the ceases stay flat and sharp all day. For instance, follow to find all sorts of jeans and ankle boots.

  1. Cuffed Look

Perfectly exposed ankle is vital for keeping your ankles looking slim. A cuffed hem is actually the one way to create this cute gap between your boots and jeans. For the perfect outfit, try cuffed look with relatively longer paired skinny jeans, instead using ankle-length jeans.

  1. Rolled Hem Look

Rolling the cuff of skinny jeans slightly above your ankle boots is the best way to show them off. Rather than tucking your jeans into your boots, cuffing denim just above your ankle allows you put leg or boyfriend jeans on. It works best for high-heeled ankle booties. To perfectly cuff your skinny jeans, just fold their hem about 2 inches and then fold it again at the perfect length.

In a nutshell, in addition to these great outfit looks, Half-Cuff is also best when it comes to pairing your jeans with ankle boots. It is actually an effortless look and fun one, especially when combined with an over-sized top/tee. Lastly, the right combination of ankle boots and jeans can be the perfect outfit for any occasion. You can add some nice accessories like handbag to make your look good. Always, keep colors and designs in mind when you wear your jeans and ankle boots.

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