Top Choices for Ridding Yourself of Unwanted Hair

Touchably smooth skin. This feeling is what most of us women are aiming for, and are constantly looking for the best way to achieve those results. While we all wish we could choose to get laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair, it isn’t always within reach financially. While laser hair removal is a permanent option, most people choose to use the tried and true at home methods that have worked for many years. These options are all relatively inexpensive, not time-consuming, and can do at home. The most obvious top picks for getting rid of hair are shaving, depilatory creams, and waxing. Most are familiar with these methods, and many different brands cater to all skin types and hair types. One that you might not be as familiar with is the epilator. If you visit, you will see many topics on the pros and cons of various techniques available.

Shaving is one of the largest markets for hair removal products. You can have twin blades from BIC all the way up to 6 blades per razor by Gillette, and each results in different effects and works better on some than others. For instance, if you have sensitive skin, you probably aren’t going to be choosing to use a twin blade razor with just soap. Sensitive skin requires more moisture and protection than any other skin type. It is why shaving with razors has been paired with shaving creams such as those made by Skintimate or Pure Silk.

Waxing can offer smoother skin that lasts longer than its competitors because it pulls hair out instead of taking it off at the surface level. Some women love waxing, and others find it to be somewhat painful, especially in more delicate regions. Depending on your type of skin, this may or may not be a great option. There are hard and soft waxes available, and after care lotion that can be applied to soothe the skin after.

Depilatory creams such as Veet and Nair, work by dissolving the hair and then wiping it away with a wet cloth. Women love this option because of its ease of use. It is an application, time, and remove the system of hair removal. Its results vary depending on the thickness of your hair and can have some reddening of the skin as well.

Lastly, Epilators have become very popular because of their ease of use and the longer lasting results they provide. Many women are nervous about using this method for fear it will hurt, however, most have said after a few times, it is similar to waxing.

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