Traditional Jewellery and its Health Benefits

Jewellery played an important part of Indian society ever since the inception of civilization. Not just in terms of embellishment, it carries utmost important being auspicious. There can be no single woman who doesn’t treasure herself with some or other kind of jewellery.

Jewellery not only aesthetically defines the culture, but apparently holds health benefits too. With varied culture, jewellery in India is also diversified from believes, importance and religions to enhance the essence of aesthetics. However, with time have developed latest designs in gold jewellery, diamond jewellery, Kundan jewellery, etc. Below are few a jewellery pieces and the health pointers they hold:



These are probably the only piece of jewellery that women wear every day. Available in different shapes and designs, earrings hold a lot more significance than just adding beauty to a woman. A nerve that connects brain, cervical and kidney passes through the right ear. If proper amount of pressure is managed, it helps keep kidney and bladder healthy.

Nose ring

nose ringOne of the most beautiful pieces on Indian jewellery is a nose ring. Adding a subtle beauty to the face, nose rings have benefits of their own. It is believed that women who get their nose pierced experience less pain while delivering the baby. It is also believed to connect emotional, romantic and sexual proportions.



Bangles are known to increase blood circulation level and relapse back the energy passing through the outer skin. This is done because of the circular shape of the ornament. Not just do they make wrists look pretty, but also have their own health benefits. If you are looking for new bangle designs, check out Hazoorilal collection. They have intricate gold, silver, diamond or Jadau jewellery designs.

Toe rings

toe ring

Only women are suppose to wear this after marriage, but history has also mentioned men wearing toe rings. It is believed that toe rings press on particular nerves that relate to the reproductive system, keeping to balance and healthy. If myths are to be believed, wearing toe rings on both feet, helps improve menstrual cycle course with regular and even intervals. Toe rings are made of silver, hence being a good conductor it absorbs polar energies and pass through the body. It also helps keep the body system fresh.



Sharing rings right before the marriage is believed to bridge a bond between two people. However, surprisingly enough, it also has health benefits. Wearing ring on the fourth finger from thumb helps in being calm and confidence. There is nerve that passes through that fourth finger and spread all over the brain neuron cells.

These are a few ornaments listed, but likewise almost every ornament has some or other quality to count for.

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