Ways to style your swimwear

Everything is fashion these days and so is your swimwear; while it’s true designers have topped themselves in swimwear design in the past few years, we still need a few statement pieces to upgrade our swimwear look and turn us into beach goddesses (especially if you are planning on enjoying a yacht outing or a by-the-beach afternoon lux celebration).

We are giving you our favorite pieces that will help style your swimsuit and give your beach fashion a very unique and sensual flair:

Hats for drama


In all that’s ladies’ fashion, a hat stands at the mere top of fashionable pyramid; it’s stylish, it’s practical and it’s definitely a statement piece.

Top your glam by wearing a hat with a large brim and give your entire beach vibe an instant yet elegant pop. Depending on the occasion and your personal style, you can either opt for dim, darker colours like charcoal gray and chocolate brown or go for screaming colours like red, orange, yellow, green or any other colour you associate with the summer. To channel a Hamptons ready look, we’d recommend neutral accessories paired with a woven raffia.

Wrap scarves that kill

Regardless of her body shape and size, every woman should have a wrap beach scarf in her closet and ready for the beach fun. Wrap scarves are an amazing accessory to the existing swimwear collection as they give an instant pop to every type of swimsuit you’ve got on. Worn around the hips for sensuality, wrapped around the neck for casual elegance that imitates a beach dress or just loosely knotted around the bust, a wrap scarf is definitely a must for all fashionable ladies. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and prints, ok?


Jewelry that pops

You can never fail with the right pick of jewelry; since summertime is no time to be too extravagant and the beach is where you tan (white lines are pretty dull, we admit) you don’t want too many pieces of jewelry on you but rather something simple yet chic enough to put you on the map. A light choker or several necklaces combined, a few rings and a bracelet will do just that. For the added chic – a toe ring and an ankle bracelet will do wonders.

Cardigans for chic

See-through and in light colours, cardigans will take your beach look to a whole new level; wear florals, pastels and colours that imitate the sea (blues and greens) for your afternoon trip to the restaurant for lunch and top the outfit off with a cool pair of sunnies (round shapes are a total hit right now). In the evening, go for see-through white or black on top of your bikini to add some elegance and mystery to the mix. A nice pair of bud earrings will also work perfectly with the outfit.


Hair and makeup for statement

Nobody expects you to wear makeup when you tan or swim; au contraire – we condemn it! Summer is that one season in the year when you can let your skin breathe, tan naturally and get your skin its necessary vitamin D dosage. However, not all makeup is equal; while we would never suggest blushes, concealers, powders, eyeshadow, etc. we would always recommend some lip gloss, eyebrow gel and waterproof mascara. These items don’t mess with your skin and therefore you aren’t looking at suffering potential irritation and redness. Still, they are contributing to you looking super fresh, toned and lovely.

As for hair, the messier – the better. Nobody enjoys a constrained look at the beach, so you shouldn’t force it. Let your locks dance in the wind and play with dos like messy buns, messy ponytails, braids and such. If you are a fan of head accessories, embrace hair bands, turbans, flower clips and flower crowns, feathers and other cute summer details.

Enjoy your summer, gorgeous – and look fabulous as ever!

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