What you want to know about breast augmentation

Breast augmentation has been a hot topic of discussion and controversy for a long time now. We are usually accustomed to hearing about these modifications mostly in terms of an increase in size, but a woman might look at and consider the procedure for a variety of reasons. Reconstruction after breast cancer removal surgery, healthy reduction, corrections aiming at improving the natural symmetry, and reshaping the female body after substantial weight loss, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding are more or less the typical situations in which women seek the help of specialists in the field.


One of the first concerns that comes to mind is what the end result will look like. That is, whether a more or less natural look is achieved. Once the procedure is done, it is very important that the patient is happy with what they see in the mirror. A good cosmetic surgeon will be able to best advice on the size, shape, position, material and method that would best be suited in each individual case. For example, a small body frame requires a proportionate breast size that would not only make the person look good in their clothes, but also not pose the danger of health issues, such as back pain or other discomfort, in case the implant size has not been carefully considered prior to the intervention.

Silicone vs Saline

The material used can also vary nowadays. Silicone implants are no longer the only option. Saline ones could also be opted for, if they are suitable for the patient, and there is yet another procedure, growing in popularity, that of fat transfer augmentation. In it, purified fat cells from other areas in the body where they tend to accumulate, namely the thighs, buttocks, hips or abdomen, are injected in the chest area until the desired effect is achieved. The latter is growing in popularity because the material used is 100 per cent natural, and there is also the added effect of simultaneously sculpting other “problem” areas, which might otherwise contribute to a decrease in self-confidence.

Incision types

The type of incision that will be used is another topic of discussion with your doctor, and also depends on the chosen material, as well as possible future plans for motherhood and breastfeeding the woman might have. And even though a widespread myth exist, that breast augmentation and breastfeeding are not compatible, this need not be the case, since, depending on the way the procedure has been performed and type of incision used, the benefit of both improved looks and the ability to breastfeed your baby can be enjoyed.

A Fast and safe procedure

Breast enhancement is one of the fastest and safest operations there exist, and subsequent recovery is also deemed relatively rapid, but since it is still an operation, candidates for it should be first and foremost healthy. That is why any person considering it needs to consult their physician beforehand for any medical issues that might put them at risk, and then seek out an established cosmetics surgeon to discuss their individual case and desired outcome.

What about the risks?

There are, of course, the associated risks and possible side-effects with the procedure itself, such as breast pain, scar tissue, diminished nipple and breast sensation, as well as the need for subsequent surgery in order to modify or remove the implant in the future, this is why it is crucial to stress the importance of appointing a highly qualified cosmetic surgery practitioner. The other day, I was searching for breast augmentation Chicago, and I found some very interesting results.

And finally, the benefits

When properly tailored to the person and performed in the most suitable and beneficial way, breast augmentation could result in:

  • Better confidence and better body image
  • Restoring your body to what it was before pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Achieving a more youthful and rejuvenated look
  • Breast reconstruction as a chance for former breast cancer patients to feel more comfortable in their skin and return as much as possible to life before the treatment.
  • The ablility to wear garments and fashion which were not suitable or didn’t look good on the person before
  • Improved self-confidence as a proven factor for success that spreads into all areas of life, not just personal looks
  • And last but not least, the feeling of being happy and content with your body.
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