Why Purchase a Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner?

Easier to Install

There are many reasons why purchasing a ductless mini-split AC unit is going to be beneficial for you, but one of the biggest reasons is that they are easier to install. There are only three main components to the system – a compressor, air-handling unit, and a conduit. The compressor is located outside, and pushes hot air out, allowing the cold air to stay inside. The air handling interior unit uses the refrigerant in the conduit to push cool air inside, thus cooling the home.


Does Not Waste Electricity

One of the biggest complaints about air conditioning units, no matter what type they are, is that they suck up energy and electricity. With mini-split AC, you do not have to worry about that problem, because they are some of the most energy efficient models of air conditioning on the market right now. They save up to 30% more energy than their duct and centralized air conditioning counterparts. You will not use as much energy to run your air conditioning, nor will you waste as much electricity through the ducting as you do with centralized air conditioning.


No Need for Ducts

Many built homes are without ducts, and thus make the centralized air conditioning unit, a much more complex air cooling unit to install. To provide centralized air, you have to create a plan for the ducts work that allows the air conditioning to hit every room. It is not only difficult, but expensive, and will be highly inconvenient for you. Instead, mini-split AC units do not need ducts and will be much easier to install. Rather than installing ductwork, all you have to do is run a small tube or pipe through your wall, which is much easier to install.


Tax Deductions

Almost every mini-split air conditioning unit is a certified Energy Star energy saver, which means that it not only saves you money in electricity costs, but it also is good for the environment, using fewer resources and power. As such, the government has decided that those who install these types of energy efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioning units qualify for a tax deduction, every year! The exact deduction will depend on the unit that you buy and the state that you lived.


Small Solutions

Small Solutions promises to offer you not only the best products but the best customer service as well. Any questions that you have about various types of units, or different brands, or any question about a possible air conditioning unit, they can answer for you.

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