by Gabriela Castillo on May 01, 2019

One of the worst parts about owning an online store is that you only meet your customers on paper. For the most part, the customers order online and you never hear back from them again (until they make another order). Whenever I see the sales orders, I ask myself, “Who is this babe? Her style seems awesome, but what is she planning to do with her new outfit?” Is she going out to girl’s night? Does she have a hot date? Is this a “revenge on her ex-boyfriend” outfit?

You get the idea.

This is how I got the idea to create the Haute Babe Of The Month program. All of our customers are special, and I believe that they all have their personal story to tell. Because of this, we will be featuring a customer each month. This month’s haute babe is Pebbles Lara! Pebbles is one of our SOCAL babes that we've had the pleasure of meeting through a blogging market in San Diego. Funny thing was that Pebbles thought we were another brand, but after the mishap we kept in touch. Pebbles is an insurance agent by day and hauttie by night. Her bubbly personality made us fall in love with her and we believe she will have that effect on you!

Name: Pebbles Lara 
Age: 29
Location: Imperial Beach, CA
Occupation: Insurence Agent
Instagram handle: Pieces of Pebbles or @piecesofpebbles
Perfect coffee order: Latte | Almond Milk | No flavors
Go to drink at happy hour: Strawberry Margarita  
Favorite brand: There are tons! Guns N’ Roses 
Dream Vacay:  Travel Australia for three months 
Favorite fashion trend: Biker Shorts!
Trend you would NEVER try: Bobby pins as fashion no but Clips yes
Favorite Haute2Wear Item you have: Tassel crop top!♥️
Haute2Wear piece on your wishlist: Rome dresses
Now, let’s get a little bit more personal…
Describe yourself in 5 words:
1. Kind
2. Giving
3. Outgoing
4. Chill
5. Go with the flow 
What is your ideal job and why? Performing. It’s my passion and love. There is nothing else I would rather be doing as a profession! 
Who is your role model? My mom - She is a woman of many talents including strength, boss lady, and generous! 
If you could change anything in the fashion industry, what would it be?  Idolizing a size 0 
What impact would you like to make in the world? Speaking kindness to all! Everyone is different and there should be no reason to discriminate.
Favorite Quote:
“ never look down and always move forward.  If you must look down it’s only to help somebody up.” G.L.
Every Haute Babe Of The Month will receive a discount code to share with her followers! Proceeds of the sales generated by her discount code will be donated to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Pebble’s name! If you feel like shopping for a cause, use the code HAUTEBABEPEBBLES at checkout for a 20% discount!
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