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Haute2Wear was created in 2012 as an online community for fashion bloggers from all over the world. The goal for the website was to provide a platform for all kinds of bloggers. After realizing that most bloggers fit a certain mold, Haute2wear was created to break the mold and embrace bloggers of all size, age, economic standing and personal style. We are firm believers that you don’t have to be a sample size that wears designer to be a bonafide fashionista.

Sticking true to the inclusive Haute2wear belief system, the website was remodeled into an online store for trendy young women of all different sizes. We strive to curate on trend, comfortable and affordable collections for both straight size and plus size bombshells.

We hope you have a great of a time shopping on Haute2Wear as we had creating this experience for you!


Thank you for visiting Haute2Wear. My name is Gabriella Castillo and I am the founder and owner of Haute2Wear. I created the original Haute2Wear blogging community while I was in law school. I had done the ultimate impulse purchase: a pair of black high waisted sequin leggings! I have always been curvy so I was clueless as to how to style them with my body type. I started researching how to wear them (haute2wear them, clever huh?) and realized that most blog posts that had similar items were avant-garde, expensive outfits that fit a certain body type that wasn’t my own. I started creating an all inclusive community for a diverse community of bloggers. I decided to change the game and turned Haute2Wear into an online store that caters to young and trendy women of all sizes.

My personal goal is that everyone who purchases from Haute2Wear feels amazing when they wear anything from the website. Fashion shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself, it should make you feel as fierce as you are. Feel free to contact me in regards to anything. And I mean anything! Questions about a product? Holler at your girl! Want to talk bad about an ex boyfriend? I’ll grab a glass of wine Are you less than satisfied with the Haute2Wear experience? LET ME KNOW!

E-mail: gabriella@haute2wear.com

Instagram: @gabriellapaixon

Hope to hear from you!

Love and Stilettos,


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