by Gabriela Castillo on February 06, 2018

ey Everyone!

My name is Gabriella, I am the founder of Haute2Wear. I wanted to tell you a story of why Haute2Wear was created and why it evolved to what it is now. I created H2W 6 years ago while I was bored out of my mind in a law procedure class while I was in law school. I had just purchased (mistake) a pair of high waisted sequin leggings thinking that these were going to revolutionize my sense of style and my outfit game (they didn’t). I adore fashion but I don’t consider myself to be one of those #ootd fashion babes that look flawless in every outfit and wear heels around town with no indication that hell has dawned on their toes. I love trends as much as I love black yoga pants and I love my heels as much as I love my black and white sneakers.

Haute2Wear circa 2012

A couple of days passed after I purchased the leggings and I was roaming the web in search of some inspiration of how in the hell I was going to pull of these leggings. I have always had a curvy body so it used to be very difficult to find bloggers and fashion icons that spoke to my body type. I realized that it was so difficult to find bloggers with different kinds of body types so I set out to create an online community for fashion bloggers that catered to bloggers of all gender, sizes, personal style and outfit price points. As soon as I set that goal in my mind, Haute2Wear was born.

After reaching out to countless bloggers, Haute2wear was filled with posts about beauty and style from different parts of the world. My main focus was to provide a platform where you didn’t have to be a size 2 with a huge bank account to catch the eye of readers. It was refreshing to see and hear from all these bloggers, while staying on the same website (content for dayyyysss).

After careful consideration, I decided to revamp Haute2Wear into an online store that catered to all sizes. It’s important for everyone to understand that trends and fashion aren’t and shouldn’t be restricted to a certain size. If you like it, wear it. There’s no body shape or fashion rule that you stop you from wearing whatever makes you feel like a million dollars. I do hope you find that million dollar piece here though!

If you are interested in blogging for Haute2Wear, we will be taking external bloggers for featured posts on the website.

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